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12 Angry Men
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12 Angry Men

Character Breakdown

Character Description
Juror 8 Juror 8 is the only character who initially votes not guilty. He eventually persuades all of the other jurors to change their votes.
Juror 3 Juror 3 is the most vehement in advocating for a guilty vote. In the end, he agrees to vote not guilty with the rest of the jury.
Juror 10 Juror 10 is one of the most vehement proponents of a guilty vote, but he eventually gives up and agrees to go along with the rest of the group, although his personal opinion has not changed.
Juror 4 Juror 4 is one of the last to change his vote to not guilty. He is a stockbroker who wears glasses, which play an important role in the play.
Foreman Juror 1 becomes the Foreman because he is the first juror selected. He votes guilty initially but changes his mind in Act 2. He works as an assistant football coach at a high school in Queens, New York.
Guard The Guard is seen only briefly a few times. He waits outside the jury room while they deliberate and gets exhibits when the jury asks for them.
Judge The Judge is heard from offstage at the start of the play, reminding the jurors of their responsibility.
Juror 2 Juror 2 works at a bank. He does not talk as much as the other jurors. He says he found the trial interesting, and he offers cough drops to the other jurors.
Juror 5 Juror 5 is a nurse at Harlem Hospital and one of the first to change his vote to not guilty. He lives in a “slum” neighborhood and takes offense at some of the comments made about such neighborhoods, but he is also familiar with switchblades because of his experiences.
Juror 6 Juror 6 is a housepainter. He votes guilty for most of the play, but eventually changes his vote.
Juror 7 Juror 7 is eager to get the deliberations over with so he can get to a baseball game he has tickets for. He is a salesman who votes guilty for much of the play, then reluctantly admits he has changed his mind and votes not guilty.
Juror 9 Juror 9 is an old man. He is the first to change his vote to not guilty because he respects Juror 8’s request for more time to deliberate. As they discuss the case, he becomes one of the strongest advocates for a not-guilty vote.
Juror 11 Juror 11 is an immigrant with a German accent. He speaks strongly about American ideals and is one of the jurors who switches to a not-guilty vote fairly early in the play.
Juror 12 Juror 12 works at an advertising agency and is in a hurry to get back to work. He votes guilty initially but is persuaded to vote not guilty over the course of the play.