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Truvy Jones

Truvy is in her late thirties to forties and owns a hair salon that is the setting for the play. It is clear

that she is vain because of the references she makes about how there is no natural beauty. She

is a gossiper and loves to be in everyone’s personal affairs. Truvy is a beautician and loves being

in control of whatever the situation may be. Her two sons are Louie, who attends Louisiana State

University, and Poot, who is to work with her cousin in Baltimore. She is married to a man named

Spud Jones who she describes as a lazy old man. Truvyconsiders Annelle as a daughter even

though they are not related. She also loves listening to others people’s romantic experiences.

Annelle Dupuy-Desoto

Annelle is thought to be eighteen to twenty five. She is new in town and began to work for Truvy

because of her need for money. Annelle is a shy and creative individual. She refrains from discussing her life. She does not have a lot of money so she lives in a Ruth Robeline’s boarding

house and works as a beautician at Truvy’s salon because she went to a trade school for cosmetology. She is kind and gracious towards the woman she meets in the beauty salon.

Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie

Shelby, the youngest female in the play (approximately seventeen to twenty-one years old), is the

daughter of M’Lynn Eatenton. She is about to get married to Jackson Latcherie. She has diabetes, but does not want her medical background to define her as a person because she does not

want to rely on others. She is a pediatric nurse and she wants to have children. However, it is not

recommended for her to have children because of her medical conditions. She has a very youthful

feel to her, almost described as child-like. She is seen this way because of the types of hairstyles

and colors she chooses to define herself. She wants to have a very romantic and peaceful marriage instead of the hectic relationship that her parents have.

Ouiser Bourdeaux

Ousier is an older woman in her late fifties to early sixties. She is seen as bitter and annoyed

most of the time. She has a dislike towards Drum Eatenton. In her life, the things she values the

most are her dog Rhett and her property. She is constantly arguing with M’Lynn’s husband Drum

over property but does have a deep concern with Shelby like all other characters. Even though

she speaks poorly to the other women sometimes, she still considers them as her closest companion. She has been married twice and has children.

M’Lynn Eatenton

M’Lynn is the mother of Shelby and of two sons named Tommy and Jonathan. She is around 40

years old. She is also the wife of Drum Eatenton, who she believes is crazy. She is the administrator of the Mental Guidance Center. Her main priority would be her daughter Shelby; she takes

great care of her daughter due to her medical issues so she is seen as overprotective. On the surface, she is seen as strong and collective, but deep down she is fragile.

Clairee Belcher

Clairee is the widow of a mayor and the owner of the local radio station. She is seen to be in her

late fifties to sixties like Ousier. She is known for her smart mouth and sweet tooth. Even though

she puts herself down quite a lot, she always remains playful when a serious topic arises. Out of

all the women, she is the only one without any children but she has close ties with her relatives.

* Come prepared to sing a song from the show, or in a similar genre *

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